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RC Celta de Vigo Alliance

Celta 2

Davie United Soccer Club and RC Celta de Vigo are pleased to announce that we have entered into an alliance for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 youth soccer seasons.

The alliance is built around player development and exposure to provide DUSC players with a potential pathway to a proven La Liga club. We will be hosting a RC Celta de Vigo camp with coaches from Spain coming over to work the camp and it is our intention to host these events at our facilities. Additionally, we will be planning trips to Vigo, Spain in March of each year to showcase our DUSC talent to the RC Celta de Vigo Academy Staff.

Lastly, DUSC will be re-naming our Davie United Sharks Blue teams to Davie United Sharks Celta for the 2019/20 season.

More information will follow, if you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to write me directly.


Christian Goffi

President – Davie United Soccer Club