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As one of our primary objectives as a club, we aim to be a leading youth soccer program in giving our athletes the best chance possible for making a transition into a collegiate environment. We do this in two ways, by educating our athletes on Admission requirements as well as guiding on a preparation well in advance of their Senior year of High School. Program components are explained below.


Progress Review

(1) Academic Tracking and Review: Every time an athlete receives an interim and/or report card, they are to bring a copy to their coach/team manager. This report card will be reviewed by our club’s Academic Advisor Kari Miller who is a current Broward County School teacher.  Her responsibilities are to ensure that all athletes remain ‘on-track’ based on their desired goals and that at the culmination of the students High School career they are academically eligible to compete in NCAA Athletics. She will review report cards, speak to/mentor the athletes and in some cases advice on additional steps for an athlete to take. Our aim is not to replace the job of a parent but it is to supplement the parental efforts and helping each athlete realize that being a good soccer player alone is not enough to transition to the next level.


Awareness Seminars

(2) College Prep Awareness: DUSC will be offering seminars at different points of the season for which the athletes and their families will be invited to attend. The purpose for these seminars is to increase awareness among our members on the requirements and “things to know” about someday becoming an NCAA Student-Athlete. Different speakers with University experience will be brought in as keynote presenters.

For any questions on this program, please contact academicadvisor@daviesharks.com