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Spring/Summer 2020 League – Registration is OPEN!


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Davie United Soccer Club is pleased to announce the Davie 8v8 Women’s Open Soccer League.


When: Wednesday nights

Location: Bamford Park – Bronco & Mustang Field

Time: 9:00pm kick off

Cost: $90 per player, plus $25 if uniform is required.

Roster: Minimum of twelve (12) players. Players born in 2001 allowed to participate.

Prizes: Winning team and Finalist receive Team Trophies


League Rules

8v8 WOMEN’S Rules

Adult League Referee Evaluation Form

Bamford Park – Facility Map


Upcoming leagues

Spring/Summer 2020 – April 1, 2020

Registration deadline: TBD

Captains Meeting: TBD


Previous Leagues

Fall 2019 – SCHEDULE



Davie United Soccer Club, Inc. (DUSC) is pleased to announce the commencement of Adult Leagues for the local South Florida community. DUSC encourages fair play and understands that competing teams and players are not professional athletes. Our aim is to provide an array of great, competitive, fun leagues for the local community to participate in while utilizing the great facilities on offer to us.

Before registering to compete in one of our leagues, please read the below and understand what you are registering for. The below are generic rules, each league may have different rules.



All players must individually register online in the Sports Logic system. Any player who does not complete the registration process will not be considered a member of the league.



Each player must provide the below before approval to participate is granted.

  1. Payment in full.
  2. A headshot uploaded in their account.
  3. Proof of age/identification; drivers license, passport etc. (Identification must be brought to each game for the official(s) to approve at check-in).



Any requests for refunds will be denied one week prior to the beginning of the first scheduled league game.



8v8 teams carry a minimum of twelve (12) registered players.

  • Minimum of 6 players must be on the field for the game to count.

Rosters are frozen at 5:00 PM the day before scheduled games. If a player is not on the game card they are not permitted to participate in the game.

Players may NOT be added to rosters with five (5) pool play games to play on the schedule. Teams are not permitted to add players to their rosters at this point in the season.



Each Adult League will have a League Director who will be the contact person for Team Captains and the point person for the DUSC Board of Directors. The League Director will be announced at the Captain’s Meeting.



Each team must designate a Team Captain. The Team Captain must identify them self to the League Director prior to the first game via an email to adultleague@daviesharks.com. There will be a Captain’s Meeting prior to the first weekend of games to go over roles, responsibilities and expectations. A communication will be sent to notify of date, time and location.



Season-Ending Injury or Pregnancy:

To drop a player who has suffered a season-ending injury or pregnancy, the following documentation must be submitted to the League Director:

  1. Correspondence via writing from the Team Captain stating the name of the injured or pregnant player, date, time of injury, and location.
  2. In the case of an injury/illness, a medical professionals note to prove extend of the injury/illness.

Returning to Play After Injury, Pregnancy, Illness:

A player who wishes to return after injury, pregnancy, or illness, must provide the below documentation to the League Director that will be passed to the Board of Directors for approval. Approval to return will be sent in writing to the League Director, Team Captain and player in question.

  1. A medical release from a medical professional stating that the individual is cleared to play.



Each team will play a minimum of fourteen (14) League Games to determine final standings.



The top eight (8) teams at the culmination of the League Games will be placed into the Play Offs, which will be considered a Quarter Final and Semi Final followed by a Championship game. As the league grows we will consider adding more teams to the Play Offs.




If a team withdraws or dissolves and is no longer able to participate in the league, all games that were previously played and all games scheduled will be resulted as an 3-0 victory for the opposing team.


Games will kick off on the scheduled time. Any team that does not have the sufficient number of players for a game will forfeit the game. There will be a 10-minute grace period from the scheduled kick off time for a team to provide the sufficient number of players. If the sufficient number of players turn up after the allotted time, the teams can still play the game providing both teams agree to play however, the forfeit will still stand. All forfeit wins are considered 8-0 games. The officials are not obligated to stay and officiate the game once a forfeit has been determined.



The DUSC Board of Directors will utilize the club Referee Assignor to assign officials for all games.

8v8: One center official.

Fees for officials are included in the registration fee and will be paid for by DUSC. No money is to be given to the official’s prior, during or after games.



Each week Team Captains will be emailed Game Cards/Reports to bring to the field for each game. The Game Cards/Reports will have teams rosters, the date, field and kick off time. The Game Cards/Reports are to be handed to the Center Official prior to the beginning of the game.

The Center Official will check in each player prior to the beginning of the game. The referee will check each player on the roster, identification, player equipment and go over any rules that may be unclear. Only players on the Game Card/Report are permitted to participate in the game.

At any point the Center Official can request identification from any player. If it is not presented the player will not be permitted to participate in the game.

At the culmination of the game the Team Captain and Center Official will sign the Game Card/Report to show agreement of the score, goal scorers and any cautions or comments that the Center Official may want to make.

It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to submit a copy of the Game Card/Report to adultleague@daviesharks.com within 48 hours of the culmination of the game.



An accumulation of four (4) yellow cards over the course of the league season will result in a one game suspension. Once the Play Offs commence each players yellow card slate is wiped clean. For example, should a player pick up their fourth yellow card in the final game of the season before Play Offs, that player will be permitted to play in the Play Off game should their team progress to that stage.

A straight red card means a player is dismissed from the game, no re-entry into the game and nor shall the team be able to substitute a player in to replace the dismissed player. The team will play with one less player. A straight red card is an automatic two game suspension, always the next game on the schedule. If a player receives a red card in the final league game prior to Play Offs, the player in question will not be permitted to play the first Play Off game. Two yellow cards culminating in a red card meets with a one game suspension.

blue card awarded to a participating player results in the player being removed from the game for a duration of seven (7) minutes. The duration is to be used as a cooling off period for the player. When a player is issued a blue card they can be replaced on the field by a substitute. A blue card can be given in three (3) different circumstances. (i). Players arguing in an unacceptable way a call from the center official. (ii). Opposing players screaming at each other in a way that it is interfering with the game. (iii). Teammates screaming at each other in a way that it is interfering with the game. A yellow card and a blue card may be given at the same time.



DUSC is a zero tolerance Adult League with regards fighting, punching, slapping, spitting, violent behavior pre, during or post game. If an offense of this magnitude happens the player(s) in question will be removed from the League and not allowed back. No refund will be given.



All games are expected to kick off at the scheduled time. If a team is not present or does not meet the minimum player requirement to play the game there is a 10-minute grace period for the game to kick off before the game is determined a forfeit.



Each team will be provided its own matching uniform, jersey, shorts and socks. The jersey must have a visible number on it.



Any cancelations due to weather or changes in schedule will be communicated via text/email through the Sports Logic system. Additionally, all Team Captains will be notified via text/email. You can also sign up for the Davie United Soccer Club, Inc. RainedOut notifications.



In the event a game is rescheduled the club will look to reschedule the game as soon as possible. Monday’s will be the pre-planned make up days. DUSC will look to reschedule the games as soon as possible.



All games are considered official at the culmination of the first half. If a game is cancelled after the first half for any reason, forfeit, adverse weather, the game is considered official. If a game does not make it to the end of the first half the club will look to reschedule the game to an agreed upon date and time from both team captains.



DUSC expects all players to act in a grown up, mature, responsible manner. The highest levels of Sportsmanship are required. Under no circumstances will foul or abusive language to game officials, opponents, teammates or supporters be tolerated. Players should set an example to those watching on the sidelines and be role models for one another.



Any protests and/or grievances will be made in writing and sent to adultleague@daviesharks.com. If the protest/grievance is the result of an incident in a game, the protest/grievance must be filed within 36 hours from the scheduled kick off time of the game. Any game protests/grievances received after this time frame will not be accepted.

The DUSC Board of Directors will have the final determination for all protests and/or grievances. Once a determination is made it is final and no appeal will be accepted.


For more information please contact adultleague@daviesharks.com