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DUSC/Central FC Partnership Announcement


Davie United Soccer Club and Central FC are happy to announce a partnership between Davie United Soccer Club and Central FC that we feel will bring a lot of value to our combined member base. Central FC’s outdoor soccer program will now be housed under the Davie United SC club name and facilities at Bamford Park. Our promise to each other is to create an end to end program whereby our members can have a combined experience of Soccer and Futsal.

We invite all Central FC families to register for tryouts following this link and as we progress through the planning process, leadership from both clubs will work together to ensure we have as much synergy in scheduling as possible to facilitate this vision of Futsal and Soccer development.


  • Is this a merger? No, both entities will continue to operate independently but our partnership will be very fluid and apparent.
  • Do I need to register for both tryouts? YES, for outdoor soccer, you may register by clicking here and for Futsal please go to the Central FC website here.

For more information please contact us at info@daviesharks.com