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At Davie United we have the honor to have a Director of Coaching like Leo Vega. Coach Leo has been a fixture of the South Florida soccer community for over 20 years and above all else, has been a positive influence on thousands of kids that have gone under his education. At the heart of who Davie United Sharks is… you will find Leo Vega. His vision, his values and his way of helping players reach their full potential. Aside from his recognition as a pro player and coach, he is also a well known voice for FUTBOL all over the spanish speaking audiences of ESPN. Coach Leo Vega is currently an analyst/commentator for ESPNdeportes.com and a key contributor to one of its most popular shows on radio and television “Raza Deportiva”.

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We invite our audience to follow Coach Leo Vega “El Poeta” on twitter and via ESPN Deportes.

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