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Annual DUSC Raffle

Raffle – Terms & Conditions

As part of Davie United Soccer Club’s effort to continue to grow and develop programs for its members, it is imperative that as an organization we raise enough capital to ensure these projects can come to fruition. The 2023/24 season will mark our 12th Annual DUSC Raffle. Each Davie United Soccer Club member will be relied upon to support the fundraising efforts that were agreed upon in the Davie United Soccer Club registration agreement. Each Davie United Soccer Club member has already paid for their 10 raffle tickets as part of their registration fees. This is an opportunity for each member to reimburse themselves $100 by selling each ticket at $10 per ticket.


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How does this work?

Each team manager will be given Raffle Tickets for distribution to their members, 10 tickets per player. Each member is then to sell their raffle tickets that will reimburse him or her for the money they have already paid. Once the members have sold the tickets, the ticket stubs must be returned to the team manager, which will then be handed over to the Raffle Coordinator.

When is the draw made?

The draw for the raffle will be made at the Sharks Soccer Cup & Showcase on Sunday April 7, 2024. The winners of the prizes will then be contacted to ensure prizes are handed over.


Does this mean I need to pay for these tickets?

No! You have already paid for your tickets.

What happens if I do not want to sell the tickets?

Not a problem and this is your choice! They are your tickets.

What happens after I sell the tickets?

Simply give all the ticket stubs to your team manager.

Do you have any further questions, please contact our Raffle Coordinator Tracy Smith

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