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Skills Training

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At Davie United Soccer Club, we understand the differences in teaching methods as it relates to maximizing a players potential. The needs of each individual athlete will be different as well as the manner in which we teach them to each athlete. One such example is our recognition that from 6 to 12 years old is the prime time for any player to learn the basic skills of soccer. Specifically around basic ball handling skills. To that effect, we have structured our coaching curriculum for these age groups in order to maximize the importance of this aspect of the game.

All age groups from U09 to U12 (boys and girls) will follow a practice schedule of 3 times per week. The sessions will be broken down in the following way:

  • (2) Team training session: Duration: 90 Minutes, taught by the teams Head Coach. These sessions will carry on average a minimum of 30% Skills training.

  • (1) ‘Skills Training’: Duration 1 hour, taught by a specific skills coach who will work exclusively on the fundamentals of ball mastery.

This skills session will be for a period of 1 hour and it is a core part of Davie United’s curriculum. All members are strongly encouraged to attend.

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