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Soccer Program

Davie United prides itself on the program we are able to offer our members. We look at it as a combination of Soccer + Non-Soccer components. Below you will see some basic and foundational components of our Soccer Program which is a main component inside our 360 Degree program.

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Leo Vega

Technical Director

Development Methodology

Our Soccer Development methodology is a compilation of proven methods and techniques used today in top youth development programs from all over the world. We do this via our club affiliations, coaching experience and never ending focus on staff development.Our Focus on the athlete as an individual follows a process by which all athletes are initially evaluated on specific performance areas (technical, tactical and physical) and compared to best in class benchmarks for their specific gender, age and targeted goals of achieving soccer success at different levels (Youth, Collegiate or Professional).

Individual Training Program (ITC)

The needs of the individual athlete are the most important piece of the club’s program. Each athlete will follow an individual development program managed by their respective head coach and supervised by the club’s DOC. This includes:

  • Monthly checkpoint between Head Coach and DOC to review individual progress.

  • Coach to player evaluations completed every 3 months.

  • Changes or advancements in the players development plan can only be done once milestones have been achieved.

  • Individual sessions as necessary to compliment team schedule.

  • The process is clear and transparent, all milestones are documented and kept on each athlete’s ITP folder.

  • Potential national and international competition may be sought to strengthen and advance the athlete’s path.

  • No in-season player movement will be allowed in order to maintain a level of continuity and high level of integrity and respect towards the player and the team.

  • On top of US federation recognized coaching licensing requirements, each DUSC coach is to possess professional acumen and is continually assisted and guided by the Director of Coaching.

  • Continuous coaching development is an absolute must for club growth and our coaches will receive the highest levels of support from the most experienced staff. On top of the on-field support, our coaches will also learn from affiliated institutions from European and South American top soccer development clubs.

  • DUSC Coaches must be able to evaluate talent, develop individuals and be able to communicate with each athlete in an educated, respectful and effective manner.

  • Each coach will keep a documented track of activities, player history and must be able to show progression to the DOC on an on-going basis.

  • Each coach must understand, plan for, demonstrate soccer tactics and techniques until each individual athlete has mastered the skill. Acting as a guide and mentor to his or her players.

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