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ADULT Weather Policy


Play will continue in the rain but will halt immediately for lightning.


We are equipped with lightning detection equipment and we will blow horns to alert you.  If the horns sound, please have your team seek safety very quickly. DUSC along with the Park Rangers will monitor the weather and after 30 minutes from the last lightning detection, the Resume Play horns will sound. Any updates with regards to weather and having to adjust matches will be discussed on the Captains Chat so that Captains of teams may inform their team players directly. DUSC will also send out a league wide update through the Sqwad app so all registered players are aware of the situation and scenarios as well. In the case of inclement weather ongoing prior to games on match day, the League Directors along with the Referee Coordinator will make the final decision by 1-hour before scheduled kick offs.


Upon the Resume Play notifications, please have your team VERY QUICKLY return to the fields for a quick warm-up and then the referees will resume play.

In the case of inclement weather or field conditions, games may:

  • Reschedule (Dates to be determined by League Directors and Division Captains).

  • Shortened match – If a game is shortened by inclement weather, we will follow each of the divisional league rules on what is an official game accordingly.

For more information please contact us at

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